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Pelagornithidae - Odentopteryx toliapica (Harrison=Walker) An incomplete bird skull found by Mick Wall between Hens Brook and Paddies Point. May 2003
Pelagornithidae - Dasornis londinensis, a large bony toothed bird skull found on the foreshore, wave cut clay platform far out on the low tide mark by Hartmut Schieck on a days field trip to Sheppey.
Probably the most complete specimen of this species ever found. The holotype in the NHM is very fragmentary and poorly preserved, a common condition for bird fossils from the London clay. Because of the hollow nature of the bones, they rarely preserve complete.
Pelagornithidae - Odentopteryx toliapica (Harrison=Walker), four views
Odentopteryx toliapica side view showing eye orbit
Unidentified bony toothed bird lower mandible
Pseudontornis longidentata (Harrison=Walker) fragment of lower mandible
Two specimens of Pseudontornis longidentata? worn fragments of lower mandible
Probably a procellariiform bird skull, possibly a Petrel type of seabird - Notice how the bones have been lined up