Duplexdens macropomum Agassiz 1833 (perch-like fish)
Reassigned - Duplexdens macropomus - K. A. Monsch 2004

Duplexdens macropomum Agassiz 1833 (perch-like fish)
Osteichthyes - Acanthomorphata

Alternative combinations: Cybium macropomum, Scombrinus macropomus

Belongs to Duplexdens according to K. A. Monsch 2004

See also Casier 1966

Ecology: nektonic carnivore

Age range: 55.8 to 48.6 Ma

Distribution: found only at London Clay, Isle of Sheppey

(Eocene of the United Kingdom)

Revision of the scombroid fishes from the Cenozoic of England
September 2004Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 95(3-4):445 - 489 For link click here

The first half of this specimen was found washing out of the clay and it was obvious that it belonged to a large Scombroid type fish. It was two weeks later that I found the front part (above) washing from a slip over a metre away from the initial find. As you can see, the teeth are clearly visible. In fact I walked past it but then discovered it on my way home and very lucky to do so as often the other parts are destroyed by wave action before they can be found.
Cleaned and prepped specimen with the break clearly visible.
View from above
Detail of teeth.